Guitar and/or Music Stuff

You have stumbled across a small repository of tools and notes I use in my random quest to learn guitar and drumming.

Bass Fretboard is used to help with learning scales on the bass guitar. This little flash player will show the finger positions for various scales.

Guitar Fretboard was made after the bass fretboard program. Who knew the strings on a bass where the same as the top four strings of a regular (6-string) guitar? Did I mention I was a bit of a noob at this music stuff? :-)

Scales Tool is a very handy tool to look up a multitude of scales in all keys. This one I'm quite happy with. You can move the mouse around and play the notes to get a feel for the scale. Fun!

Rhythm Trainer is a mini flash version of my larger NoTwoTwo windows program. This player is a little limited in comparison to the full version. But considering the medium and the ease of use, I think some folks will be happy to play around with it.

Bass Grooves is a tool I use for building bass lines (grooves) for my bass guitar. The idea comes from using a simple substitute of notes for the various drum hits of standard drumming rhythms. As a total bass guitar noob, I've found this idea (tool) useful in breaking into more fluid bass lines.